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We have a close link with the church in Tarime in the new Diocese of Tarime, formerly part of the Diocese of Mara, in Tanzania.

Our link logo – our Tarime candle with the St Peter’s stone carving

Church land for Songa Mbele

Our link parish of St Luke in Tarime, Tanzania, has a thriving church-plant in the nearby village of Songa Mbele, but they worship out in the open as they have no church building.  For a while the Tarime church council has been looking to buy a piece of land and build a church there for its church-plant congregation, and here in Woolley we have been fund-raising to help them.  Recently the Vicar of Tarime, Canon Yohana Yakobo, informed us that a piece of land had come available, costing £3750.  The church in Tarime has raised exactly half, and they wondered if we in Woolley might now send the funds we have already raised.  The motto of our link is bega-kwa-bega, shoulder-to-shoulder.  So, in the spirit of bega-kwa-bega our church council has sent the full £1875 they need to secure the land, and will continue to raise funds.

In 2016 the church in Tarime opened its new Vicarage, built with financial help from St Peter’s Woolley

Canon Yohana Yakobo, Vicar, with The Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines, at the dedication

Looking at the new Vicarage, with church on the left
Some PCC members in front of Vicarage: from left, Sophia Kibo, Parish Link Officer, Canon Yohana Yakobo, Priest in charge and Mary Ngurugi, Church Elder