Churchyard Regulations

1. The Parochial Church Council of St Peter’s Woolley which also includes St Bartholomew’sWest Bretton has agreed the following rules, in line with the Churchyard Regulations issued by the Diocese of Leeds (2020).

2. The Parochial Church Council takes seriously its obligation to be responsible for the good order, environmental well-being and safety of the Churchyard, for those who maintain it and for all visitors.

3. Small plants and bulbs may be planted in the soil of a grave or place of interment of cremated remains; trees, rose bushes or any bush may not. Bulbs and plants are not to encroach onto any other grave and/or internment, the plants are not to be any taller than 18 inches. Small plants and bulbs sometimes may be mowed down when the grass is cut near graves and internments.

4. Wreaths or cut flowers may be laid directly on a grave or place of interment. They are not to encroach onto any other graves or internments. Cut flowers can be placed in authorised sunken containers which preferably should be made of unpolished aluminium.

5. Water containers must not be left behind and plastic flower containers, ceramic or any other form of pot is not permitted on any grave or place of interment.

6. Fresh flowers should be removed from their cellophane or other wrapping.

7. Artificial flowers are not allowed except for Remembrance Day poppies [on graves of those who served in the Armed Forces].

8. Traditional Christmas wreaths are permitted these should be removed after no more than 2 months.

9. “The Vicar, Churchwarden or whoever is authorised by the PCC to look after the churchyard is permitted indeed encouraged, to remove unsightly flowers and any self-seeded saplings from any grave and any items not permitted if they consider that they are not maintained to an acceptable and tidy condition.” This can be done without permission being sought.

10. No soft toys, photographs, balloons, ornamental wind chimes, windmills, lanterns, candles, or any other items of a sentimental nature should be left on a grave, place of interment. These will be removed when found without seeking permission.

11. If you are unsure that an item you may want to place on a grave or internment complies with any of the above, you are to contact the vicar and/or a member if the Parochial Church Council for clarification.

The Parochial Church Council of St Peter’s Woolley 2022