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We are making plans for the future ministry in the parish as we move towards joining with our neighbouring parish of Chapelthorpe.  As part of those plans we have been looking at our resources, needs and priorities and are aware that too few people are currently trying to do too many things. We now have a priest-in-charge who  also covers the parish of Chapelthorpe.

We have faithful helpers to carry out the many practical tasks required for a Sunday service but we don’t have sufficient people to undertake the tasks that require more input on a week by week basis.

We are currently therefore looking for people to fill the following roles –

PCC members willing to take on responsibility
Deputy warden – with a view to being a warden from April 2020
Health & Safety reps (ideally 2 people to share the task)
Administrator(s) (to cover paperwork, communication, planning, organisation, correspondence and ongoing management of data protection)

Ministry to young people,

Pastoral ministry team

People who will study the Bible to gain insight and teach others

People who are passionate about worship and want to lead others into God’s presence.

If you have a particular skill in any of the above areas or feel that God is calling you to serve Him by undertaking any of the above please contact the vicarage by phone or email.