About Us

Our vicar and his wife joined us in January 2018. They are excited about what God will do in the coming months. They are here to grow the church and make disciples of Jesus today. They believe that God is still as relevant as ever and that He wants to be involved in every detail of our daily lives. They want to see God transform lives and to grow confident Christians who make a difference to others in this world wherever life takes them.

We are a community of believers with a cross section of ages – though for the present the majority of us are getting on a bit. We want to welcome everyone from the elderly to young families and children, those with a growing faith, little faith or none at all. We will be trying to make our church fun to belong to and unbearable to stay away from.

Why not join us on our journey as we become followers of Jesus Christ, develop our faith, our understanding of the bible and discover God’s love and purpose for us?